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My counselling and life coaching service is designed to help individuals and couples with life changing challenges. Sometimes we have the confidence and clarity to make decisions and deal with disappointing or problematic situations. At other times we are distracted by our busy lives or often unexpected events occur which can create confusion and fear, impacting on our self-esteem. This can often cause depression and anxiety where we can lose focus and need help to move forwards.-

Counselling helps

Let me support you as we work towards you feeling happier, gaining confidence and changing your situation. As your counsellor, we can work together to explore and help you to understand why you felt challenged, to reduce the impact and the chance of the same problems repeating themselves.

Clients say:
Being listened to and able to talk in a confidential, warm, trusting environment and encouraged to challenge their thinking has really helped them.

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Laura Morris

BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor & Life Coach in Harrogate

Hello I’m Laura, a BACP Senior Accredited counsellor/ therapist, clinical supervisor and personal development coach in Harrogate offering, individuals, couples and relationship counselling, or talking therapy, as it’s often termed.


Accreditation is a recognition by the BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) of having achieved a substantial level of training and experience. I have experience of over 6,000 client hours.

I Work With

As a BACP Senior Accredited individuals, couples and relationship counsellor and life coach and trainer in Harrogate, I welcome working with:-

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To find out more about how counselling and life coaching can help you and improve your confidence and mental health, please contact me

Laura Morris MBACP Senior Accredited

Counsellor/Therapist & Life Coach

Harrogate, North Yorkshire