Low Self- esteem and Confidence

Low self-esteem is often a result of us experiencing an early challenge and holding a negative view of ourselves, whereby we verbally and non-verbally convey a message to others of, ‘I’m unlovable’ or ‘I’m worthless’. This then may have an impact on our confidence and subsequently and possibly the confidence others have in us, causing this feeling to deepen.

It is normal for us to experience low self- esteem or confidence at times such as, when experiencing a loss or disappointment of some kind, feeling fearful, hurt or criticised, being alone or lonely or struggling with a major life change.

This only becomes a problem when it intensifies and impacts on life in a negative way preventing us from experiencing other emotions, such as joy or enabling us to function and socialise in a ‘normal’ way.

Common issues brought to counselling which are impacting on self- esteem or confidence may include such concerns as, health concerns and illness, work and college stress, redundancy or fears of redundancy, retirement challenges, pregnancy, infertility and miscarriage, adoption, bereavement, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, bullying, communication issues, rejection and betrayal, trust issues and ageing challenges.

People experiencing low self-esteem and confidence may often feel alone, empty and worthless, fatigued, having a loss of concentration and interest in activities and pleasure once enjoyed, experiencing a change in eating habits, feelings of self- loathing and irritability, performing acts of self-harm or suicide or experiencing suicidal idealisations.

These individuals may benefit from medical support, changing their lifestyles to be less stressful with more rest and relaxation and by improving their diet.

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In addition to this counselling helps. I support individuals in exploring the root of their issue, to challenge their thinking and to find strategies to help manage their feelings. By working together we can aim towards creating positive change.

I appreciate that many people have no experience of counselling and may feel anxious of what to expect or unsure if they are ready to take that step. I am happy to speak with you to answer any questions you may have to help ease your concerns and to arrange a counselling assessment appointment.

People experiencing low self-esteem and confidence may often feel alone, empty and worthless, fatigued, having a loss of concentration.

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