Infertility and Adoption


I support individuals and couples through fertility challenges and the related emotions. It is normal for individuals to experience a range of feelings such as fear, stress, guilt, sadness, anger and loneliness.

People come to counselling at different stages of their journey from the initial stages of attempting to conceive where they may be experiencing relationship challenges and feelings of fear, stress and confusion. Many benefit from counselling as a support throughout fertility treatment where they receive a safe space to explore and manage their emotions and work towards a gain in confidence and reduced stress.

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I support individuals in counselling for a variety of reasons including:

  • Those in the process of searching for their birth relatives.
  • Those who are struggling with the discovery that they are adopted.
  • Those who have parted with a child to be adopted.
  • Those who are hoping to adopt a child.
  • Those who are experiencing challenging relationships with their adopted child.

As a counsellor I support individuals in exploring and helping them to manage their feelings, challenging their thinking and aim towards creating positive change. It is normal for individuals to experience a range of feelings such as fear, guilt, sadness, anger, low self-esteem and loneliness.

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I appreciate that many people have no experience of counselling and may feel anxious of what to expect or unsure if they are ready to take that step. I am happy to speak with you to answer any questions you may have to help ease your concerns and to arrange a counselling assessment appointment.

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As a BACP Senior Accredited individuals, couples and relationship counsellor and life coach and trainer in Harrogate, I welcome working with:-

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To find out more about how counselling and life coaching can help you and improve your confidence and mental health, please contact me

Laura Morris MBACP Senior Accredited

Counsellor/Therapist & Life Coach

Harrogate, North Yorkshire